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I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2021 with a Professional Degree in Architecture, a thesis focusing on helping small towns adapt to a rising Chesapeake, and drive to help people. 

This has led me down unique paths, all working to help people and communities.

  • My efforts to create a non-profit organization that creates a collective knowledge basis and identity shared by all small towns in the Chesapeake Bay as they adapt to a rising Chesapeake. I am actively working with partners to establish the organization, filing paperwork and creating foundational documents.

    Website Link 


  • During the weekends and after work, I coach sailors of all ages but primarily the local High School teams out of West River Sailing Club. I have heavy involvement with the teams, having been involved at its start with 4 kids to the 40 kids it has now.

  • Responsible for both inward and outward forms of communication and identity, including social medias, branding, website, print advertisements, etc

    @ West River Sailing Club

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